Info about the WordPress/Anthologize Workshop

Amanda and I have been scheming about the workshop on WordPress and Anthologize (we decided to combine them), and here’s roughly what we have in mind.

Amanda will start us off with a general introduction to WordPress, writing posts and pages, using tags and categories, plugins and themes, and other assorted WordPress goodness.

Then I’ll talk about Anthologize, and how it can be used in a web-first publishing model. To do that, I’ll be working from a WordPress installation that has Anthologize in it ready to go that Amanda has set up for us.

Since I want this to be as interactive and hands-on as possible, those of you who are thinking of coming to the Anthologize workshop and already familiar with WordPress can register on this Anthologize demo site, and do a small bit of homework: write a quick post about why you are planning to come to the WordPress/Anthologize workshop. Easy! And we’ll turn those posts into some Anthologized documents.

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