Session Proposal: Professional Development for New Publishing Careers

I will readily admit the self-interested nature of this session proposal. As a relatively new librarian who suddenly finds herself working in the swiftly changing world of scholarly publishing, I’d like to have a conversation about professional development. As the scholarly publishing landscape changes around us, how do we acquire the new skills and knowledge needed to move forward and upward? How do we seek out mentors and an effective network? What role does graduate education (in information or other fields) play in this process? Or are their less formalized mechanisms for learning what need? What about opportunities for research, publication, and professional service? I think THATCamp is an excellent opportunity to discuss these issues with folks from a variety of institutions and professional orientations and at different stages in their careers.

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As the Publishing Services & Outreach Librarian at the University of Michigan, I provide instruction and outreach services for faculty, students, and staff on copyright, publishing, and scholarly communication. I also develop and manage publishing services to meet the needs of the university community.