Libpub – a Google Group list about scholarly publishing activities

One outcome of a very rich discussion this morning that was a consolidation of a few sessions about publishing consultation services and academic outreach is Libpub, a mailing list in Google Groups where we can build community around issues, challenges, questions, and solutions addressed by libraries engaged in scholarly publishing ventures, whether solo or in collaboration with university presses. This is an opportunity for us to learn what each other is doing, both in the hope of sharing knowledge (and thus not reinventing the wheel), furthering it, and working toward common approaches and practices.

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About Patricia Hswe

I am Digital Content Strategist and Head, ScholarSphere User Services, based in the department of Publishing and Curation Services at the Penn State University Libraries. My work is largely about making digital content and data discoverable, accessible, and usable over time, for as long as these materials are useful – toward the related goals of repurposing them and adding value to the Libraries’ collections and data sets. My key responsibilities include assisting faculty and students in the curation of their research data and other scholarly materials; and building a program of support and services for digital scholarship, including the digital humanities.