The workshops will all take place Sunday, October 30th, and will be scheduled alongside the unconference sessions.


Instructor: Patrick Murray-John, Research Assistant Professor, Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media
Prerequisites: Some experience with WordPress would be advisable

The WordPress plugin Anthologize is based on the web-first publishing model, which reverses the more familiar pattern of content being prepared in a word processor or other publishing tool and only later transformed to be read on the web. Instead, content is produced first for the web. This allows for greater flexibility in publishing across many media.

We will look at how Anthologize puts this idea into practice with a demonstration of the basic process and options available. We will also create some of our own content in a WordPress installation, and produce our own customized versions of that content. We will wrap up with some conversation about possibilities for the web-first publishing model in general, and features you would like to see in Anthologize in particular.

Open Journal Systems

Instructor: Kevin Stranack, Coordinator, Community Services and Learning (Open Source Projects), Simon Fraser University Library
Prerequisites: None

In this workshop, Kevin will give a brief overview of Open Journal systems, and then welcome everyone to start up their own journal on a shared installation (BYOD – bring your own device). Participants can team up with others to work collaboratively on a new journal, make submissions to each others’ test journals, conduct some quick peer reviews, and otherwise mess around with the software. Challenging of instructor authority is encouraged.

Emerging Ebook Standards

Instructor: Todd Carpenter, National Information Standards Organization
Prerequisites: None

There are a variety of standards that impact content creation, distribution and preservation. From the file formats, markup, and print production to metadata, sales data, and distribution, standards are critical elements in each of these activities. At the same time that some standards are familiar friends, others can seem arcane and impenetrable. During this session, we will discuss some technology and key standards in our community of greatest interest to participants. Some of the things that will be discussed include: ebooks & EPUB3, metadata, identifiers (ISBN/ISNI/ORCID/DOI) and distribution issues. In addition, future topics will be covered that relate to information distribution and how standards relate to them, such as research data, annotation sharing/social reading, and indexed discovery services.

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  1. emily_arkin says:

    I am hoping to book travel that includes any pre-conference workshops. Do you have a sense yet of the timing of these? Saturday evening?
    Thank you very much!

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  3. Hi Emily, I updated the page to answer your question (I hope) as well. The workshops will happen on Sunday, and we’ll aim for one workshop in each time slot, alongside the unconference sessions. We’re in the enviable position of having four workshops and three time slots, though, so we’re talking about maybe combining the WordPress and Anthologize sessions. Once we’ve figured that out (comment here if you have a preference), we’ll put the workshops on the schedule ahead of time, then fill in the rest with unconference sessions on Sunday morning.

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